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Do you want to build a better employee development experience?

What is Personalized Employee Development?

We believe that each person is unique.


Today's organizations recognize the importance of the individual in their recruiting, benefits, and employee perks. Unfortunately, their employee development approach is delivered through disconnected systems modeled on legacy paper processes.


As a result, today's employee development treats people like they're all the same, machinery that when given the correct inputs will produce a desired output.

Personalized Employee Development focuses on the fundamental building block of the organization, the individual employee, fostering career growth, employee retention, and overall high performance. 


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We are an employee development software company headquartered in Seattle, WA with employees working remotely. We serve organizations across the United States, personalizing their employee development experience and turning them into talent incubators. 


About Motis People


Rick Beaton  •  12 min read

Our world and societies are undergoing fundamental change. As the internet and technology continue to accelerate connectivity and mobility, every industry that touches our daily lives is facing the need to evolve. Companies both big and small are forced to adapt. How we produce goods and services are changing, and it’s also led to a change in the way we think about our careers and the way we work.

The profound depth of change raises questions. “How does our society address the rapidly changing economy when it comes to building a career and work?” Have we improved the way we develop skills needed for new and evolving career paths that parallels the development of this new technology and interconnectivity?


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