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Motis recently sat down with the Chief Culture Officer of Blink UX, Dr. Linda Wagener, to talk about how Blink is leading the world in UX because they’re able to retain talent and develop their organization through the use of Culture.

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The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the way we work, forcing our society to isolate and social distance.

Does it feel like when it comes to determining a career path, most of us are just guessing when it comes to our true talents?

As the workforce looks at new ways of working, there comes a time when we also need better ways of understanding each other.

Here are five practices that research shows are tied to high performance and career development.

Can you be anything you want? Now that I have lived through a lot more of life, I wonder whether it was really true — I suspect not.

Microsoft raised eyebrows with an announcement reporting the results from their Japan operations going to a 4-day work week.

The workplace is in the midst of fundamental change and why that change is happening, isn’t always agreed upon.

See how years of academic research and enterprise feedback has created a revolutionary and new way of managing workforce development.

Motis Grow is based on Academic and Scientific Research


Motis Grow tracks skill development, which is the foundation of future success, career development, performance and client satisfaction.


In a single view, Motis Grow shows employees and managers a snapshot into an employee’s historical portfolio of work and skill development.


Motis Grow helps establish goals, which encourage employee focus and accountability with bite-sized milestones and long term achievements.


Motis Grow helps keep both employees and managers accountable through easily managed monthly check ins.


The Grow app facilitates rapid feedback, which is crucial for behavioral change. We captures feedback from managers, coworkers and clients and feeds it into a central dashboard.


Remove compensation from the conversation and focus on what matters to employees by discussing career development and strategy in a holistic system.


Motis looks at 8 Metrics of High Performing Organizations to assess people culture in companies.

These 8 metrics have been researched in academics and science for years.










Transform the way your organization grows.

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