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Sam Kalk joins Motis


Rick Beaton •  Published on June 29, 2020 

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Sam Kalk will bring his considerable talent and experience as Business Development Lead to Motis. In addition to presenting our general services, Sam will be leading business development efforts for our exciting application, Motis Grow. Grow provides a personalized employee career development portal that unifies and maximizes the effectiveness of all learning, upskilling and training efforts organization wide. It is a revolutionary application that makes training and managing people in a remote environment possible and ensures that diversity and inclusion are equitably practiced. Grounded in research, Grow is designed for the new world of work.

“Motis is excited to have Sam join our team”, says Rick Beaton, CEO of Motis. “He brings extensive knowledge and experience of HR tech and people strategy solutions. As a result, he has a very current understanding of the context in which we are working and why we need innovative solutions and practices based on new ideas.”

Sam Kalk.JPG

Sam Kalk

Business Development Lead

Sam brings several years of sales and business development experience with him, most recently with ADP, where he found passion in developing organizational culture alongside complex technology stacks. “I am thrilled to be starting at a company that exudes my values by working to give employees autonomy and equity in their career development. In addition to supporting workers’ intrinsic motivational needs, Motis addresses core issues faced by employers of every type: How should I best invest in my people? What skills should I be looking for in a candidate for this position? How do I recreate the success of my top performers? I am excited to partner with organizations to accelerate their growth, help them answer these questions, and more.”

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