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See the Full Picture with the
Executive Dashboard


Jennifer Zubeck  •  Published on Nov 2, 2021  •  3 min read

How well are your managers managing? What does that even look like? Why does it feel like some managers have the secret sauce, and others don’t?

In our quest to Make People Management Easy, we are excited to announce Motis Grow V 3.1 and the Executive Dashboard. We’ve given senior leadership access to a convenient, aggregated window into the performance, growth and development of their entire organization never before available.

Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 11.25.50 AM.png

The Executive Dashboard surfaces a snapshot of the People Management in an organization. It provides information about the number of employees and managers as well as their location and departments.  However, the most powerful feature is the ability to see at a glance which managers and departments are developing their employees, showing who are best performing check-ins, developing skills, and setting and achieving goals - and which are not. 


Using the Executive Dashboard in conjunction with People Insights, leadership can see the big picture and easily drill down to specific data points to understand the reason an employee or manager is underperforming and how to help.

Understand the reason an employee or manager is underperforming and how to help.

The Executive Dashboard is the latest tool for understanding organizations at the macro level, creating clarity and fostering accountability.  It provides previously inaccessible quantitative metrics to make decisions that lead to organizational performance and success.  Motis Grow makes people management easy for every leader  -- be it their first day in management or they’re a seasoned veteran.  


For a a deep dive of the Executive Dashboard, full tour of Motis Grow, and to learn more about how to Make People Management Easy, drop us a line at


Transform the way your organization grows.

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