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Motis implements Best Practices on

People Strategy and uses Organizational Assessments backed by Research and Science.

Leverage our deep academic background in organizational psychology, performance management and career development to advance the growth of your business.


1. Understand your organization's trajectory.

Using a combination of research-backed assessments and interviews with senior leaders, we collect data about where things stand today and changes you'd like to see for the future.

Emsi Skills Library

2. Make skills a focus of the conversation.

We align organizational job responsibilities, roles, and seniority levels with the specific skills necessary for job performance using data from Emsi's proprietary skill library.

3. Design a curriculum for today and tomorrow.

Using content procured from our partners, our own course catalog, or provided by you, we customize a program to upskill employees for today and the future needs of the organization.

1 skills inventory - revised.jpg
4 exec dashboard - revised.jpg

Our team takes care of the heavy lifting of the data entry. Simply send back the spreadsheet we provide and we'll make sure it's put into the system properly for your validation.

4. Input workforce data.

Technology implementations go sideways without proper onboarding and support. We maintain a personal touch, providing customized trainings for your employees.

5. Train your organization.


When you're ready we send individual invites off to your employees so they can build their own profile, beginning their upskilling journey.


6. Launch Motis Grow.

7. Demonstrate our commitment to customer success.

Proactive customer success meetings, accessible customer support, and ongoing review and assessment administration ensure our success is tied to the success of our customers.


About Motis People


Rick Beaton  •  12 min read

Our world and societies are undergoing fundamental change. As the internet and technology continue to accelerate connectivity and mobility, every industry that touches our daily lives is facing the need to evolve. Companies both big and small are forced to adapt. How we produce goods and services are changing, and it’s also led to a change in the way we think about our careers and the way we work.

The profound depth of change raises questions. “How does our society address the rapidly changing economy when it comes to building a career and work?” Have we improved the way we develop skills needed for new and evolving career paths that parallels the development of this new technology and interconnectivity?


Transform the way your organization grows.

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